stretch out strap - An Overview

Is it possible to already do the splits? With four rungs you will end up doing the oversplits right away, climbing the rungs from the ladder to repeatedly increase your adaptability and oversplit. You can also stretch your hamstrings, hips, again, and shoulders.

From Cambridge English Corpus Like an intense carcinoma, realizability stretches out its tentacles to ever much more distant fields: linear logic, complexity principle and rewrite idea have currently been infected.

stretch, lengthen - lengthen one particular's limbs or muscles, or all the system; "Stretch your legs!"; "Increase your ideal arm higher than your head"

Pull to the towel to elevate your leg off of the bottom. Attempt to straighten your leg as much as is possible while you proceed lifting right until it is in a ninety degree angle with the ground. Maintain heading until you feel a burn with your hamstring, then maintain for 15-thirty seconds.

1. an act of stretching or point out of remaining stretched. He got off the bed and experienced a very good stretch. strek مَد протягане espreguiçada protažení das Strecken strækken τέντωμα, τάνυσμα estiramiento venitus, venimine; ringutus كشش venytys étirementשטח पसरना rastezanje, protezanje kinyújtás; nyújtózkodás peregangan teyging stiracchiata 伸ばすこと 스트레칭, 뻗기 rąžymasis, mankšta []staipīšanās; []stiepšana regangan badan het zich uitrekken strekk wyciągnięcie się, przeciągnięcie کشش espreguiçadela întindere вытягивание; потягивание natiahnutie pretegovanje istezanje [hon] sträckte på sig การยืดเนื้อยืดตัว gerinme 伸展 витягання, потягання کھینچنا یا کھنچنا sự duỗi ra, sự bị kéo dài ra 伸展

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A number of-place grips allow for deep, gradual stretching of big muscle groups with increased protection and efficiency than is achievable unaided. Patented. Comprehensive with illustrated booklet of 30 stretches.

the act or reality of stretching or extending one thing outside of fair or good boundaries: You wouldn't get in touch with her a genius by any stretch from the creativity. It really is fairly a stretch for me to believe his Tale.

"I am sixty three and needed to carry out some small effect stretches that should help me to remain versatile." SS Sri Sridhar

2. To extend or access more than a distance or region or in the specified way: "On either side of us stretched the damp simple" (Ernest Hemingway).

(= make go even further) meal, income → strecken; (= use totally) assets → voll (aus)nutzen; credit history → voll beanspruchen; athlete, student and so on → fordern; just one’s abilities → bis zum Äußersten fordern; to stretch one particular’s creativeness → seine Fantasie anstrengen; to stretch any individual/a little something for the limit(s) → jdn/etw bis zum äußersten belasten; to get thoroughly stretched (esp Brit, human being) → voll ausgelastet sein; he stretched his lead to 10 details → er baute seinen Vorsprung auf ten Punkte aus

Spreading and scattering everywhere idiom bedaub bestrew billow circulate diffuse dispersion admirer out go around (someplace) go round (someplace) go/do the rounds idiom percolate radial spatter spattered splay sprawl sprawling sprinkle sweep See much more success »

(= strain) indicating, term → äußerst weit fassen; truth, law, guidelines → es nicht so genau nehmen mit; this clause/law could be read more stretched to permit … → diese Klausel/dieses Gesetz könnte so weit gedehnt werden, dass sie/es … zulässt; to stretch some extent → ein Auge zudrücken, großzügig sein; that’s stretching it far too considerably/a little bit (significantly) → das geht zu weit/rapid zu weit

Performing within the dance entire world I hear dancers on a regular basis talking about enhancing their overall flexibility and staying ready to keep up it throughout the off seasons.

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